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We are design geeks who love software

Redd is a user experience design agency based in Bangalore, the start-up capital of India. We are a company that formed in April 2013 to address the design needs of software companies. Our people represent some of the best minds in the industry and have worked on projects of every magnitude ‐ from the two-person developer-owner teams to the teams with forty developers.
We seem to have been working with lots of start-ups of late. These are companies built by a few individuals who are passionate about what they do and have poured their hearts into building their companies. We work with them in order to offer their products and services the best chance it has to make it to the next level by humanising their offerings and making them more palatable to their users.

Services we offer

From desktop websites to mobile apps, we have designed interfaces for almost every type of screen

Our core strengths lie in user experience and user interface design. We consider it our responsibility to understand the business goals of the software and design it so that it achieves them as best as it could. To do this we take into consideration the target market, the platforms of delivery and the technological constraints and only then design the application that produces the best results.

Our clients include everyone from large companies like L&T Infotech, Lacoste, Reliance and Adobe to start-ups, whom we absolutely adore, like BlueStone.com, Urban Ladder, Knowlarity Communications and NoBroker amongst others.

Everything you need to launch the next big idea

At Redd, we provide branding services in order to allow you to launch your product or service at the earliest. We include packages that start with the very basics you need such as the name coining, tag line development, logo design and basic materials such as business cards and letterhead design.
We can of course take this much further and cover much more than just the basics and put together a full brand manual that will be useful when your company starts to build advertising materials, packaging or gets down to content marketing.

We also bring designs to life

Some clients prefer to deal with one agency to design and develop their software. We believe these are two disciplines that deserve enough attention on their own and agencies that offer both services tend not to be good at either. It's why we choose to remain a dedicated design agency.
But we recognise that clients want to see their software design come to life. The way we achieve this is by working with partners that who are as passionate about software as we are about design. We work with them to make sure that the design comes to life with the highest fidelity.

User experience doesn't end at the edge of the screen. It goes further into how the off-line operations couple with the online experience.

No matter how carefully we design and delight a customer who uses your app or website, their interaction with your delivery executives, customer service teams or other real-world agents within your company will have an equal impact on their experience with your company. This is why we offer service design as one of the core services that will not only examine your off-line operations but also help tailor them just as carefully as the online operations.

We have a lot of experience dealing with companies ranging from furniture and jewellery to fashion and finance and are well-versed with the operational dependencies the online interface has with the off-line world. We not only recommend best practices but also consult to engage the right technologies that will couple with the online world to deliver the very best overall experiences that your customers will love. Talk to us to know more.

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Dysco, a marketplace for designers, artists and musicians, embarked on a search for "great design - design that evokes emotion". This led to an inventory of nine of the most "interesting, unique and innovative branding and design agencies in India" that they've come across. And Redd made it to the list!

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What sets us apart

We’re Business Oriented

We've driven out the idea that design is subjective. Art is about expression, design isn't. We staunchly believe that if design doesn't help you meet your business objectives it has failed and that's the only fair basis by which design can be measured.

We Love 1.0's

It's not every design company that can deal with a version 1.0 product. Most can come in to an existing project and tell you how to optimise it. It takes a whole different mindset to give shape to something when there is nothing to begin with.

We’re driven by data

Unless we are dealing with a version 1.0 product where no precedents exist, we are driven by what the data tells us. We analyse, we optimise and we innovate within the spaces defined by the data. We keep an open mind and are married to no idea. This is what makes our designs successful.

We Speak Technology

We have a lot of experience in developing software over the years so we're coming into design with all that knowledge of the constraints and capabilities of each technolgy that we may use. So our ideas are practical and implementable to start with and doesn't involve compromise post approval of a design.

We are flexible

We've worked with large teams where there were forty developers and we've worked with owner-developer start-ups as well. The challenges in each scenario is different and we understand how to work with both kinds just fine.

We love completed projects

We do what it takes to complete a project. We project accurate timelines, we communicate often to see that expectations on all sides are realistic, we work within constraints and find solutions within the sliver of space there just so that projects don't fail.

What people are saying about our work

Beyond their obvious brilliance at design, Redd brings an understanding of your business and its needs - this makes the whole engagement a real pleasure.

Ramshreyas Rao, CEO, MyGram

What people are saying about our work

Sharan and Abhi have a fantastic sense of design and are very detail oriented. They push the thinking of our product manager and engineers to the next level. Their style of marrying outstanding visual styling and well thought-through interaction design makes the UL website stand out in the e-commerce and home domains not just in India but across the world.

Rajiv Srivatsa, COO, UrbanLadder.com

What people are saying about our work

When I see some software I know instinctively that there's something wrong with it, but when I saw your design of the app, I knew immediately that it was done right.

Ambarish Gupta, CEO, Knowlarity

What people are saying about our work

Redd consists of extremely dedicated people that operate akin to an in-house team. With attention to detail and ability to understand business requirements quickly, their suggestions were very relevant and useful for us. Highly recommended for UI/UX work!

Gaurav Dhawan, Director, WealthApp

What people are saying about our work

...Unlike many design agencies that are not familiar with the nuts and bolts of technology, Redd is comfortable talking about platforms, development frameworks and more. I highly recommend Sharan and Redd!

Jo Pattabiraman, CEO, GrowChef

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