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26Aug 2017

Schools of Design

Sharan Grandigae   Design  

Redd was recently invited to judge a design competition between many design schools across Delhi. This provided us an insight into the state of design education in India. The report is hopeful and positive but with a realisation that there's much more learning left. Read on to know more.

8Aug 2017

Designing a Conversational World

Shana Singh   Design  

Designing a conversational user interface has come a long way since the development of Siri or its ilk. The age of subservient bots has passed and bots today need to play by new rules as its users have also matured over time.

4Apr 2017

Take Off: Seven lessons from the aircraft industry for UX designers

Sharan Grandigae   Design  

There are always parallels between the various fields of design. These lessons are derived from the aircraft and airline design industries that we found applicable and apply in UX design too.

12Feb 2017

Redd Space: File transfer. Done.

Sharan Grandigae   Design, Product  

Despite our advances, the simple act of transferring files from one device to another isn't as simple as it should have been. We took a look at what's out there and when we couldn't find a good alternative, designed and built one ourselves. Read more to learn about the thought process behind this.

24Jan 2017

Going round and round

Akshitha Praveen   Design  

Designing products without considering how they will eventually be disposed is not only irresponsible but is also only looking at half a problem. Rethinking design strategies based on circular design principles will allow us to address the user's real needs and even leverage new opportunities.

15Aug 2016

When and how often should start-ups update or rebuild their website?

Sharan Grandigae   Business  

This article was written before we were interviewed on this subject. Read the full version of what we meant to say by clicking on "Read More" below or read the edited version on the magazine's website.

27Jul 2016

Design must humanise technology

Sharan Grandigae   Design  

While other fields of design hinge upon other principles, software design is about humanising technology. Technology has been becoming more and more complex. We are on the verge of a paradigm shift where it is only possible for machines to talk to each other and human beings just cannot process the quantum or speed of the information.