We also build farms

We also build roof-top farms for people who want to produce their own vegetables. Build one as small or as large as you want, maintain it yourself or ask us to help, and enjoy the freshest veggies you've ever had in your life!

  • Grow bed - Double Decker
It's simple

Apart from installing and setting up your urban farm, rūf is just plain easy to use. Just top up the water on a monthly basis and just let your farm do the job of growing your vegetables. You can even water the entire farm just from one location. There’s no worry of over-watering either as any excess water simply gets redistributed to the grow beds that need it.

It’s for serious farming

Rūf is beautiful to look at but it’s not meant to be ornamental, it’s for serious farming. It is designed to maximise the output you can achieve from a single square foot of space as land is scarce in cities. You can even grow a wider variety of vegetables compared to hydroponic or aquaponic systems you may have seen before.

Maintenance is included

We’re all busy these days and though rūf requires little effort every week, we know this may be asking more time than some people can spare. This is why we back our product with optional maintenance services so you absolutely don’t need to do anything. You can still stay connected to your farm through the bundled app that keeps track of everything going on.

It just tastes better

Rūf solves two problems at once — it allows you to grow your own food in an organic manner and it allows you to eat fresh, healthy food that is plucked right when you need it. You don’t have to deal with pesticides, chemicals or decay inhibitors (like the wax coating you may have seen on apples) — just fresh healthy food that tastes better!


Why grow your own vegetables?

  • — Up to a third of all food grown is wasted during transportation
  • — Commercial farming is the leading cause of water usage by humans
  • — Commercial farming isn't sustainable
  • — Growing at the place of consumption eliminates the need for fossil fuels
  • — You can grow varieties of vegetables that are nutritious but may not commercially viable
  • — You can grow food without chemical pesticides and fertilisers

* Sources: Global Food Losses and Food Waste - FAO, 2011, "The environmental crisis: The environment’s role in averting future food crisis" – UNEP, 2009

Design of rūf

Rūf was designed thoughtfully and with purpose. Take a look below to see what we've taken into consideration and learn more about your new favourite farming appliance.

For Urban Environments

Rūf was designed primarily for urban rooftops and balconies where access to fertile land, water and space is limited at best. It comes with its own growth media, stores enough water to last nearly a month (performance varies by region) and is designed to be used almost anywhere.

Furthermore, it accomodates busy lifestyles as it take care of itself very well and requires very little maintenance. But we made it even better by offering maintenance as an add-on so you absolutely needn't worry about doing anything to keep things running smoothly.

Urban Environments
Stand Up Gardening

Stand-up farming

One of the main design considerations for rūf is to make it extremely convenient to farm. This meant that we needed to make it possible to farm while standing up straight which reduces the strain on the neck and back that is associated with farming in the ground. Rūf is at the height of a typical table and is convenient to farm for the young and old alike.

Modular and Scalable

Rūf was designed from the bottom-up to be modular so that it would work as a small farm that occupies only 8 square feet of space, but can easily scale to very large sizes to occupy thousands of square feet if you have such a space available to you.

Whether your intention is to grow fresh vegetables to feed jut your family or you want to grow enough food for your entire building, rūf has the capacity to scale with your ambitions!

Modular and Scalable
Self Managing Water System

The Superb Self-Managing Water System

All the individual grow-beds are built to supply only the necessary amount of water to the plants. There's also no chance of over-watering as any excess water simply gets redistributed to the growbed that needs it. In case of heavy rains, the water that is collected simply gets harvested and stored in a sump (available as an add-on).

Water usage is brought down by about 80% or more as compared with conventional ground-based farming. 

Single-Point Watering & Fertilising

No matter how large your rūf is, you still can supply water to the entire farm from a single point. There's no need to drag a hose all around your farm and spend time and energy just watering. This is another effort towards making farming simple and convenient.

Furthermore, with the 'Aqua Breather' add-on, you can add all the fertiliser and nutrition required by your farm straight into the provided sump and it will make sure that all the plants in the entire farm get access to it!

Self Managing Water System
Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting And Other Benefits

During rains, rūf reveals one crucial benefit - it's amazing at rainwater harvesting! It captures all the rain it can in it's storage tanks and also routes all the excess water to an optional sump where the water can be recycled back through the system when needed.

An additional advantage of rūf is that it help keep your rooftop cool during summers when the blazing sun would normally heat up your roof and increase the cost of cooling the living spaces in your house. It acts as a buffer and prevents your rooftop from becoming too hot.

The free companion app makes it easy

Crop Guide

Use the open source farming resource 'CropGuide' to get answers to tons of questions such as when to plant which vegetable for maximum yield, or to track the progress of the growth of your plants. You can even find answers to how you can build your own Ruf if you're so inclined!

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Why we do this

The answer to that lies in the videos below. These guys have done a great job of explaining our goals in a better way than we would, so we will just present their videos here below for you to watch.

Dan Barber

"How I fell in love with a fish" is an engaging talk about how we can't follow old models of agri-business that is essentially a liquidation of our natural resources. Our effort at rūf is also to create an alternative method of feeding ourselves as locally as possible.

Caleb Harper

Did you know the average apple on the shelf is actually 11 months old? Caleb harper talks about this and his efforts to share knowledge on better ways to grow food. We believe in the idea of sharing better food growing techniques and our apps are a way to do that.

What does it cost?

Rūf is currently only available in Bangalore, India. Choose the size you need and click on 'Pre-Order' now to be notified as soon as it becomes available.

Small Farm

₹27,854 for 48 sq. ft. grow area

This includes:
  • 6 single-decker grow beds
  • Growing media
  • Shipping and installation
  • CropGuide app for tracking
  • Seeding template
  • Seeding plan
Medium Farm

₹58,208 for 96 sq. ft. grow area

This includes:
  • 12 single-decker grow beds
  • Growing media
  • Shipping and installation
  • CropGuide app for tracking
  • Seeding template
  • Seeding plan
Large Farm

₹78,562 for 144 sq. ft. grow area

This includes:
  • 18 single-decker grow beds
  • Growing media
  • Shipping and installation
  • CropGuide app for tracking
  • Seeding template
  • Seeding plan


The following are optional add-ons that you can choose depending on your needs. Just select the option you would like and we will get in touch with you to complete the purchase. All prices listed below are inclusive of taxes.

Small Pack


  • Includes weekly visits by a gardener
  • Up to 6 varieties of plants actively growing
  • All required seeds/saplings are included
  • Suitable for 'Small Farm' owners
  • Currently available in Bangalore only

Medium Pack


  • Includes weekly visits by a gardener
  • Up to 12 varieties of plants actively growing
  • All required seeds/saplings are included
  • Suitable for 'Medium Farm' owners
  • Currently available in Bangalore only

Large Pack


  • Includes weekly visits by a gardener
  • Up to 18 varieties of plants actively growing
  • All required seeds/saplings are included
  • Suitable for 'Large Farm' owners
  • Currently available in Bangalore only

Single Decker

₹3913/grow bed

If you want to add-on more grow-beds or don't have space for six grow beds, you can purchase single grow beds too. These grow beds contain all that the regular farms contain and ship with the frame, grow bag, and the grow-media.

Seeds Pack

₹450 for 16 weeks worth

If you would like to follow the seeding plan we've worked out, you could purchase the seeds from us. It includes chillies, onions, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, coriander, radish, basil, spinach, chives, lettuce and fenugreek.

Irrigation System

₹3,350/six grow bed set

This system comes with a drip irrigation kit, water storage bin, water pump, air pump and compost tea bags. It can be used with the Automator, Automator Wifi to reduce water consumption by up to 80%!

Automator (Wifi)

₹4,440/up to 18 grow beds

The Automator is a tiny computer that er, automates the task of pumping water and nutrition through your farm. This system does it on a schedule, specified gaps or on a need basis. You can also manually operate it using the CropGuide app. It needs the 'Irrigation System' to function.


₹2,345/up to 6 grow beds

This version of the Automator does all the same things as the Wifi model, except it cannot connect or report information to you. But the low costs of this product makes it incredibly affordable to purchase and automate farm management. It needs the 'Irrigation System' to function.

Wood Panelling

₹8,640/set of six

Give your rūf an elegant earthy look by using these wood panels on the sides. The wood is upcycled packaging material and is unpainted and untreated with any chemicals. It is intended to weather and provide a rustic look over time. Installation is dead simple but must be done before the grow media has been put in.


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