The Wilasa Life

We’ve thought about every detail
so you don’t have to

The Community

Wilasa homes are centrally located around a landscaped lush green area creating a sense of nature all around. Vehicular movement has been deliberately limited to the basement to provide an unpolluted space at the ground level for people to meet and socialise. Wilasa strikes a balance of all the benefits of living in a community and the advantages of private homes.

Private Gardens

Wilasa presents 5 lush green acres with just 130 units. Every home at Wilasa has interesting living spaces and the duplex units have their very own private gardens, keeping you connected with nature at its best every day.

Very High Ceilings

The Wilasa home has a double-height ceiling, creating an exquisite space in the living and dining areas. Each wing is also designed to hold only 5 residences and offer the villa experience with all the conveniences of an apartment.

Pre-Certified Green Project

Wilasa is a comprehensively green project that is equipped to optimise the use of natural resources. The land is located on a rich water table surrounded by the evergreen Kanakapura belt. And there is a pleasant expanse of green in the central garden as well.

Boutique And Exclusive

Wilasa is a limited edition project with just 130 homes. Every home is handed over to a select set of people who appreciate the values it represents. Wilasa is built upon a vision that promotes a sense of community at its core.

Spacious And Serene

Wilasa homes area spread across a sprawling 2,800 to 4,500 square feet area overlooking greenery all around. A whole host of utilities which are highly functional and high on design and quality makes Wilasa the definitive home for your loved ones.

State-of-the-Art Security

Wilasa presents a space which is professionally managed with state-of-the-art security systems in place. The campus is completely WiFi-enabled and every unit is home-automation ready.

The Neighbourhood

Wilasa is further accentuated by the fact that it is close to everything you may need in terms of healthcare, entertainment, education and everything else.

Green On The Green

Wilasa is located squarely in the midst of the zone designated as the “green belt” of Bangalore. Placed here, it enjoys better air quality, water availability and overall ecological balance compared with other parts of the city despite the phenomenal growth the area has experienced.

Educational Center

Kanakapura Road is touted as the “Education Corridor” of the city. With over fifteen renowned schools and colleges like The Valley School, Delhi Public School and Kumarans in the vicinity, your children will no longer suffer hour-long commutes every day.

Healthcare Within Reach

While Wilasa is a stone’s throw away from Sri Sai Ram Hospital, it is also minutes away world class institutes like Apollo and Fortis.

Shopping And Entertainment

The neighbourhood has many shopping destinations. Metro Cash and Carry and other convenience stores are in the immediate vicinity and The Royal Meenakshi mall and Gopalan Innovation mall are minutes away. In addition, there are malls coming up at the next property.

Close To Metro

In an ever expanding city, Wilasa is just 200 metres away from the Metro station on Kanakapura road. In addition, Wilasa is also just 7 Kilometres before the NICE road. Now you don’t have to worry about traffic jams, just get ready to reach home early.

Art, Theatre And Spirituality

The neighbourhood is dotted with centres of spirituality and art. Several important temples, including the Banashankari Temple, are minutes away. Art centres like the Shankara Art Foundation and Rangashankara are nearby too.

The Location

Suburban lifestyles and luxuries while still in the city ‐ there’s no need to leave the city to live luxuriously.


No more hour-long commutes for your children, or for you.

  • Delhi Public School
  • Kumaran’s School
  • Valley School
  • Brigade School
  • PSBB School
  • Capitol School
  • Alpine School
  • Jyothi Public School
  • Ekya School
  • Inventure Academy (Proposed)

And Roads

Get to work, get shopping or be entertained without having to travel too long.

  • 200m from Kanakapura Road
  • 7Km before NICE Road
  • 200m from the Metro Station
  • 3.5 Km from Banashankari Temple
  • 500m from the Forum Mall 

Hospitals And

Help is close at hand when you need it.

  • Apollo Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital
  • Raghavendra Hospital

Culture And

Stay close to the things that are close to your heart.

  • ISCKON Temple
  • Art of Living Centre
  • Shankara Art Foundation
  • Rangashankara