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Our primary design principle: Follow the money
Design isn't art. It's not an expression of how something is or ought to be. Design is a tool to solve a problem. Our clients are usually businesses that build products or services to serve their customers. The problem they want to solve is to figure out the right way to package their offering so that it delivers the highest value.
The only honest measure of a business is its profitability. Design is an integral part of that same equation. But while design can make something beautiful, simple or create fanatical loyalty, the only honest metric that matters is whether it is contributing to the profitability of the business. That's why we 'follow the money’.

Our Services

User Experience Design

We design digital products from end-to-end. From research, ideation, wireframing, prototyping, visual design, graphic design to animation. We do it all.

Service Design

Digital products don't exist in a vacuum. They are part of a larger ecosystem that includes marketing, customer support, customers, distrobution partners and a whole lot of others. We help you design how everything will work within this ecosystem to make sure that your product is a success.

Branding Design

Every product needs a brand to be built around it. We help you build that brand. From the logo, to the colours, to the fonts, to the tone of voice, to the imagery, to the packaging, to the website, to the social media presence, to the marketing campaigns. Because it matters how your product is communicated as much as how it is built.


While this is not a skill we have in-house, we work with world-class partners to make sure what we've designed is brought to life in the most faithful way possible. We'll manage this process and make sure coordination between our two companies isn't something you need to worry about.

Case Studies

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Cloudnine Hospitals

Why us

01. You get our full attention
The difference between a design that has been pondered over a great deal and the one that has been produced using an assembly-line methodology is the difference between a project succeeding and failing. We've changed our engagement models to make sure our entire team is going to provide your project the attention it needs by taking on very few projects every year. If you think you could benefit from this sort of an engagement, get in touch with us.
02. Your product will be shephereded through to success
Designs are based on the best understanding of our past experiences but every design is a hypothesis until it is tested in the real world. We'll work with you to make sure that the design is implemented and tested and tweaked to perfection. It usually takes more than one iteration to get it right and our process accounts for that.
03. You'll get the right product built
It is tempting to build the product that you want to build. It is even more tempting to build it with all the bells and whistles that you can imagine in a product. But the right product to build is the one that your customers want. Our design methodology allows you to figure out what that is and build the product that succeeds.

What we think

We've written a lot about design and have them stored away on Medium. Read them here.

What people say about our work

Sharan and Abhi have a fantastic sense of design and are very detail-oriented. They push the thinking of our product manager and engineers to the next level. Their style of marrying outstanding visual styling and well thought-through interaction design makes the UrbanLadder website stand out in the e-commerce and home domains, not just in India, but across the world.

— Rajiv Srivatsa, Co-Founder and CPTO, Urban Ladder

...Unlike many design agencies that are not familiar with the nuts and bolts of technology, Redd is comfortable talking about platforms, development frameworks and more. I highly recommend Sharan and Redd!

— Jo Pattabiraman, Founder of Grow Fit, Investor

Lenskart was looking to revamp the mobile platform and capitalise on the new user flow. We wanted Redd to go through all user profiles and share both UX and UI designs as per the findings. We have seen improvements in our mobile conversion post the implementation. This will now allow us to continue improving our mobile platforms.

— Ramneek Khurana, Head of Product, Lenskart

Our work with Redd began with a visual overhaul but we extended our engagement with them subsequently as we saw the potential of their brand of UX design in increasing conversions on BlueStone. We saw a reduction in the drop-offs and saw an up-tick in conversions after implementing their design on our desktop and mobile websites.

— Gaurav Singh Kushwaha, Founder and CEO, BlueStone

Working with Redd was an absolute pleasure! So glad to have a strong team backing all our goals and dreams at Aquanaut India. Personally, I was quite surprised with the interest and passion they showed while revamping and redesigning my entire site, especially with the sport being unknown to many on their team. The detailing in both the site design as well as the user interface was well thought out and presented, keeping in mind a true diving enthusiast. Aquanaut India is proud to be partners with a very professional and dynamic Redd team in growing this new adventure business online.

— Abhishek Sukumaran, Founder and CEO, Aquanaut India

Redd consists of extremely dedicated people that operate akin to an in-house team. With attention to detail and ability to understand business requirements quickly, their suggestions were very relevant and useful for us. Highly recommended for UI/UX work!

— Gaurav Dhawan, Director, WealthApp

Bandesh Wine & Spirits really cannot thank the Redd team enough for their incredible support, professionalism, interest and enthusiasm working on our website. It really was a great challenge incorporating a unique story and circumstances into the project. Redd did this with consideration and understanding. Thank you for all of your hard work, a beautiful team effort that went above and beyond to ensure we were happy and comfortable with the website portrayal of what we do and how we do it.

— Farhad Bandesh, Founder and Chief Wine Maker, Bandesh Wine & Spirits

We were looking to rebrand and redesign our website from our existing obsolete one. We had heard a lot of excellent things about Redd and approached them for this project. We had pretty high expectations going in but the people at Redd managed to exceed them. The new website has enabled us to expand our reach and help more people in need. We are thankful we got in touch with Redd and recommend them to anyone with web design needs.

— Wing Commander Dharmendra Sharma (Vet), Founder and Managing Trustee, A Responsible Citizen Foundation

The team we worked with at Redd was very detail-oriented, prompt and professional. They helped us refine our product by asking relevant questions and suggesting the right options. It was critical that our MVP be simple and yet capture essential user behaviours. The team not only thought this through, but also communicated their thought process patiently, which further built our confidence in them. We would strongly recommend Sharan, Kirupali and the team to anyone who believes that good design and frameworks are essential for a product to succeed at every stage.

— Aditya Pisupati, CEO, Ving

The design concepts were excellent and extremely intuitive in both the assisted and mobile apps. The assisted banking app was rolled out to over 5,000 corporate users with very little or no user training required. This was a significant achievement. The mobile banking app design is being extremely well received by the sales teams, as well the clients. Redd's ability to be creative and think outside of the box is quite impressive. Also, their constant focus on getting it right (and not just finishing the project). Was very impressed with their team, designs, creativity, commitment, and client focus.

— Madhusudhan Narayanan, Head of Product Development, FIS

Redd implemented a scalable platform that will sustain our organization for the next 10 years. Their workflow is highly effective. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that their CEO brings to each discussion.

— Bharat Krishnamurthy, CTO, Exide Life Insurance

For booking hotels, it is not easy to improve the process. However, with Redd we were able to achieve a paradigm shift in the user experience that will greatly benefit our customers.

— Jay Virdee, CEO, HotelHub

When I see some software I know instinctively that there's something wrong with it, but when I saw your design of the app, I knew immediately that it was done right.

— Ambarish Gupta, Founder and CEO, Knowlarity

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