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About the Project

Client Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society

Website www.adarshcredit.in

Start Date 9th Sep 2016

Duration 3 months

Deliverables Mobile app design

We were brought on to work on the second version of the app after the first version had been released. The application was supposed to work in a two-layer structure where advisors were required to help other users conduct their financial operations. The Adarsh team had launched two different applications that would allow these two groups.

While the app was supposed to make all the operations much more efficient and paper-less, it wasn’t actually working as it was supposed to. One look at usage patterns revealed that most transactions occurred near the end of the day, indicating that the app was used as a secondary tool to keep track of transactions being performed first on paper. So this was one of the first goals we set for ourselves — to increase the inherent usefulness of the application so people would start to use it as their primary mode of tracking transactions.

The wonderful team at Adarsh were very supportive in our efforts, backing us with all the data we needed and answering all our questions. This made our work during the discovery phase very simple indeed. The app was worked on remotely with only about three in-person meetings.

Once the development team was engaged roughly three-fourths of the way, we got more questions regarding specific interactions and effects and such. We developed videos to explain these details which they were able to translate into code and implement.

Overall, this project was filled with many learnings, unlearnings and with challenges to our assumptions and a real eye-opener, making it one of the most enjoyable projects for us.

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